August 11, 2008
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MarketingSherpa Toolkit: How to Produce a Webinar

SUMMARY: If you haven’t ever conducted a webinar, stop putting it off. They’re one of the top two lead-generation tactics for B-to-B technology marketing, according to MarketingSherpa data.

We’ve put together a toolkit with everything you need to get your webinar program up and running smoothly: from a tutorial explaining the process to a checklist, timeline, cost calculator, best practices and templated emails and registration pages.
This toolkit contains everything you need to get your webinar program up and running smoothly

-> Tutorial – Includes strategies, tech 101 cost guidelines, choosing a speaker, choosing a vendor and how to promote your webinar.

-> Checklist – All of the tasks that you need to assign to your team.

-> Cost calculators – How much money does it take to produce a webinar or a series of them? Enter your own costs and find out.

-> Timeline – A look at the tasks that need to get done and when.

-> List of vendors – A look at the top companies who can help you put together your webinar.

-> Creative samples – Templated email and registration page samples along with Real-life samples

-> Glossary – Get to know the terminology used in webinars.

With this toolkit, you’ll find everything you need to put together your own webinar program:

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