September 07, 2007

PR Interview: How to Get Media 2.0 Blog to Feature You

SUMMARY: Media 2.0 is a public relations-commentary blog that focuses on the way technology helps and hinders brand dissemination. In particular, this Advertising Age Power 150 Marketing Blog studies Web 2.0 as a brand-marketing customer relationship management-communications tool. We interviewed this popular blogger to find out what he looks for in a pitch.
Contact information
Robb Hecht
Media 2.0
401 W. 45th St., Suite 4C
New York, NY 10036

Hecht graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University. He is a Founding Partner and Senior Media and Marketing Consultant of imc strategy lab consulting, where he leads online and offline brand clients, including Pfizer and Unilever. In addition, Hecht serves as Adjunct Marketing Professor with City University of New York (CUNY) and has served as guest lecturer at, New York University and the New Communications Forum.

Circulation and readership
5,000 subscribers in media and marketing. Media 2.0’s content interests brand managers on both the paid and earned sides of the advertising industry.

The site is also affiliated with Duct Tape Marketing -- a blog organized by small business marketing authority John Jantsch. Hecht posts content to both sites simultaneously. “2.0 is all about building relationships, so I was delighted to be a member of his team,” Hecht says.

To further connect his readers, Hecht is developing a social network of Media 2.0's marketing professionals on at He invites new members to join.

“It's great to be a part of the larger movement of blogging and social networking, writing about it and living it. That is, as all content becomes digitized and we professionally are all moving online, branding and digitizing ourselves via our blogs, Facebook profiles and LinkedIn profiles.”

Examples of editorial coverage
Media 2.0 is not only for media, advertising, PR and brand management professionals, but for anyone who wants to learn how to use Web 2.0 media vehicles along with a brand name to connect with others and improve their careers and lives. Since branding has entered an entirely new era, online marketers need to include Web 2.0 earned-media tools into paid-media planning, Hecht says.

Hence, the Media 2.0 blog and related Brandhacker monthly newsletter seek to build a virtual community readership around:
- Providing points of view on staying ahead of market innovation and driving thought leadership on social networking issues and the new theme of content and brand “portability.”
- Focusing the 2.0 movement on Web services, not individual Web sites.
- Providing accountability to social-media marketing via media optimization and data engagement.
- Adding value versus control (i.e., inciting conversation around combining earned media with paid media in a more integrated fashion in the digital marketing strategy).

Web site
Hecht changed his blog name from PR Machine to Media 2.0 awhile back so he could better connect with the needs of professionals from both the paid and earned sides of marketing since they both work with media. Besides archived articles, his blog includes all sorts of links and widgets, such as Twitter updates, recommended books and blogs, industry job openings and even a chance to shop at his very own store courtesy of

How to pitch
Hecht advises you build your email pitch around a practical story -- “how it benefits the average Joe or the average marketing professional.” Avoid simply inviting him to check out your new product.

Besides covering relevant product launches, he’s interested in interviewing innovative teams or executives. In addition, Hecht appreciates new tips on career advancement and lead generation. Also, send him new online and offline campaigns that take a 2.0 perspective. He says he responds to 99% of queries within 24 hours.

Contribute to Media 2.0
Hecht accepts content from anyone who wishes to write for Media 2.0. He has even solicited contributions on Craigslist. But sales-oriented practices turn him off. “As an educator and big [author and sales expert] Jeffrey Gitomer fan, I try to post items of value and utilitarian value, rather than a hard sales pitch to buy product or service.”

Hecht has also considered gaining a blogging partner -- someone proficient in branding and Web 2.0 issues who can build a strong editorial calendar with him. So, if you would like to try your hand at blogging, here’s your chance.

Meet Hecht
“I work and play in midtown Manhattan with my Apple MacBook and am available to meet with interested parties at any midtown Manhattan Starbucks for coffee or lunch,” Hecht says. He also attends trade shows mostly related to ad and media industries, as well as charities and art gallery openings. Otherwise, join him in Central Park every Saturday morning for a six-mile loop.

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