June 08, 2007

Special Report: How Subscription Sites Use Email to Convert Trial Offers - 18-Page PDF Download

SUMMARY: If you’re in charge of email campaigns for subscription sites on the Web, download this Special Report immediately. MarketingSherpa has new data on how 50 subscription sites use email to welcome and convert new members.

Includes competitive data charts and load of creative samples from The Wall Street Journal Online, TheStreet.com, AccuWeather and others. Plus, the biggest shocker of all: did anyone even bother to confirm that our trial got canceled?
While your website may be the central piece of a free trial subscription marketing campaign (think banners, content behind barriers, registration forms, etc.) email also plays an integral role. That's because getting a prospect to sign up for a free trial isn't enough -- you have to convince users during that trial period to become paying customers.

Email is a perfect channel for conversion efforts, whether overt, such as discount offers to upgrade to a paid membership, or subtle, such as informational emails that encourage users to interact with your site and become hooked on the service.

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