January 29, 2007
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39% of Viewers Accept Offers on 'Thank You' Pages

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By Anne Holland, President

Last Thursday I met with our new Senior Reporter, Sean Donahue, who covers the B-to-B marketing beat for us. He wanted to know best practices on how to get more people to sign up for webinars.

I said, "And don't forget the thank-you page. When a prospect signs up for a webinar -- or a white paper or newsletter for that matter -- be sure to include more hotlinks or offers on the 'Thank you' page they see right after submitting their registration. Prospects are in the perfect mood right then to learn more about you, so they may click on links for white papers or other offers. Why not deepen the relationship right then?"

He said, bless his newly Sherpa-ized heart, "Got any data on what percent will click for another offer?"

Naturally, I did. The number was 40% ... but it was from 2001. It was time to get some new benchmarks. To get a quick read, I looked into our own in-house numbers.

When folks sign up for an email newsletter on MarketingSherpa's Web site, the thank-you page features opt-in offers for additional newsletter titles.

When I checked the data last week, 39% of all visitors to that thank-you page took advantage of another offer. I was surprised to see how little has changed since 2001 (you can't say that about most things on the Internet.)

Another interesting fact: the most popular offer on that page gets a 29% acceptance rate, which is fabulous, but not the whole 39%. That means giving folks a choice on that page has helped our overall offer conversions increase by 10 percentage points.

(This is *not* true of all promotions on the Net or in postal DM. Most often, single focus gives better results.)

My final takeaway -- if you have any thank-you pages out there for anything that only say, "Thank you," you are wasting very valuable real estate.

Why slam a blank wall in people's faces just when they've begun to respond to you? Keep that response curve coming.

And let me know if you have any data of your own on this front. I'm definitely interested.

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