May 09, 2005
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12 Regional Business-to-Business Marketing Awards You Should Consider Entering: Details & Hotlinks

SUMMARY: Details on 12 regional US BMA marketing awards, including entry deadlines, fees, categories, and a local contact for you if you have questions.
If you're a business-to-business marketer, adding a Business Marketing Association to your resume looks mighty fine. We've contacted the BMA divisions throughout the US to find out which host awards and get entry details for you. (Note: There were no non-US BMA clubs with awards or we would have added them too.)

Generally, you can enter if either your agency and/or your client is located in the specific region the award is held in. This means agencies with clients across the US should consider entering for various client campaigns in different regions.

These are in alpha order by chapter name:

Carolinas' Pro Ad Awards

Categories: Total Communications Program; Space Advertising Campaigns; Space Advertising/Single Ads; Direct Mail; Newsletters; Promotional Material; Corporate Identity; Annual Reports; Broadcast Media; Audio-Visual Presentations; Multimedia/Computer Based Presentations; Interactive Marketing; Agency Promotion Materials; Exhibitions/Trade Show; Event Marketing; Outdoor; Too Creative; Public Relations

Cost (M) $65 ea; (NM) $85 ea 2005 Contact: Sam Angelo samangelo AT 2005 Entry deadline 15-Jul-05

Chicago's Tower Awards

Categories: Total Communications Program; Print Ad Campaigns; Print Advertising–Single Ads; Direct Mail; Promotional Material; Corporate Identity; Annual Reports; Annual Reports; Newsletters; Broadcast Media (B-to-B only); Audio-Visual Presentations; Multimedia/Computer-based Presentations; Interactive Marketing; Agency Promotion Material; Public Relations; Exhibitions/Trade Shows; Event Marketing; The Client Didn’t Buy It

2006 entry fees: (M) $95 ea; (NM) $110 ea 2005 contact Paul Lesher 312-943-8040 paullesher AT Next entry deadline 24-Feb-06

Colorado's Gold Key Awards Categories: Total B2B Campaigns; B2B Advertising Campaigns; SingleB2B Advertsements; Annual Reports; External Magazines; Newsletters; Corporate Identification Programs; Video Production; Multimedia Presentations; Web Sites; Online Communications Programs; Product Literature/Collateral Material; Direct Mail; Promotional Product Material; Photography/Illustration; Public Relations; Search Engine Marketing; B2B Pro Bono; BMA Materials; B2B Self-Promotion; Potpourri; Student Project; Best Total B2B Campaign; Best Single B2B Element

2005 entry fees: (M) $85; 3+: $75ea (NM) $95; 3+: $85ea; Late Entries: add $40 ea 2005 contact: Marilee Yorchak marilee AT Next entry deadline: tba, March 2006

Houston Lantern Awards

Categories: Audio-Visual; Digital Media; On-line Media; Newsletters; Magazines; Outdoor; Broadcast Media; Annual Report; Corporate Identity Graphics; Trade Shows/Special Events; Public Relations; Sales Literature; Promotional Materials; Direct Mail; Space Advertising/Single Ad; Space Advertising/Campaign; Total Communications Program; Collegiate Creativity; Best Efforts; Special Awards

2005 entry fees: (M) $85 (NM) $100 - Late Entry: (M) $100 (NM) $125 2005 contact: Kimberly Rathbun 281-485-0545 kimberly AT Next entry deadline: tba, usually late August

Indianapolis Circle Awards Categories: Total Integrated Campaign; Print Advertising; Collateral; Direct Marketing (Print or Email); Trade Show/Events; Internet Marketing; Global Communications; Public Relations; Coporate Communications; Self Promotion; "Outside the Circle"

2006 entry fees: (M) $60 (NM) $90 2005 contact: Nila Nealy 317-879-9592 Next entry deadline: early March 2006

Kansas City Fountain Award

Categories: Print Advertising (Magazine, Newsletter, Newspaper); Business Identity; Collateral/Promotional Materials; Direct Mail; Broadcast Advertising, Integrated Campaigns, Public Relations, Distributor Support Materials, Self-Promotion, Electronic Marketing; Sales Presentations; Newsletters (Print); Display Advertising; Trade Show Marketing; Special Events/Seminars/Meetings; Miscellaneous

2005 entry fees: (M) $45 (NM) $55; 5+ Entries: $10 discount per entry 2005 contact: Stephanie Hanaway 913-322-9161 shanaway AT Next entry deadline: tba, usually in late April x=070|000&~=

Milwaukee's Bell Awards

Categories: Total B2B Campaigns; Advertising Campaigns (4 color); Advertising Campaigns (less than 4 color); Single Advertisements (4 color); Single Advertsements(less than 4 color); Annual Reports; External Magazines; Newsletters; Corporate Identification Programs; Video Production; Multimedia/Computer-based Presentations; Internet Web Sites; Online Communications Programs; Product Literature (less than 4 color); Product Literature (4 color); Printed Collateral Materials (less than 4 colors); Printed Collateral Materials (4 colors); Collateral Campaign (3+ pieces); Direct Mail Campaign (2+ pieces); Direct Mailer - Single Mailer; Promotional Material; Trade Show Marketing/Exhibits; Photography; Illustration; PR Cmpaigns; PR-Single Effort; PR -Sales and Marketing Events; Services Performed/Produced for Non-Profits; Miscellaneous

2005 entry cost: (M) $65 ea; (NM) $75 ea 2005 contact: Karen Conrad 414-524-7649 karen.l.conrad AT Next entry deadline: tba, usually in late Feb

New Jersey's Impact Awards

Categories: Printed, Broadcast, Multimedia or Web-based business-to-business marketing communications: Advertising, Direct Mail, Public Relations, Brochures, Newsletters, Web sites, Trade show exhibits, Corporate identity programs, Audio visual presentations, Special events

2005 entry fees: (M) $75 (NM) $95 2005 contact: Ken Messner 201-391-5488 mmcken AT Next entry deadline: 2006 TBA - usually late Feb/early March

New York's Ace Awards

Categories: Print advertising, Broadcast, Interactive Media, Direct Mail, Promotional Materials, Event Marketing, Corporate Identity, Video, Public Relations, Photography, Illustration, Magazine Covers, Custom Publishing, Integrating Programs; Best ideas killed by the client, Best In Show

2005 entry fees: 1st: $100 2-10: $75 11+: $65 2005 Contact: Ned Clausen 973-962-6300 clausenandpartners AT Next entry deadline: Tuesday, June 7, 2005

Northern California Beacon Award

Categories: Integrated Marketing Program; Print Advertising; Direct Mail; Promotional Material; Corporate Identity; Logo; Annual Report; Event Marketing; Interactive Marketing; Multi Media/Video; Public Relations

2005 entry fees: Early M) $40 (NM) $65 ; Regular: (M) $60 (NM) $85: Multiple Entry: 2: (10% off); 3+: (15% off) 2005 contact: Tom Lauck 408-266-3162 tlauck AT Next entry deadline: tba, usually late September

St. Louis' TAM Awards

Categories: Space Advertising; Direct Mail; Trade Show Exhibits, Graphics, Promotions & Business Meetings; Outdoor or Grand Format Public Area Graphics; Broadcast Media; Promotional Materials; PR and HR Communications; Corporate Identity Graphics; Annual Reports; Newsletters; Electronic Media; They Didn’t Buy It!; Total Communications

2005 entry fees: (M) First/Second Entry $75 ea; 3+ Entry $55 ea; (NM) First/Second Entry $80 ea; 3+ Entry $75 ea 2005 contact: Russell Kroeker 314-997-6333 rkroeker AT Next entry deadline: Thursday, July 14, 2005

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