April 01, 2005

April Fool's Joy for Email Marketing Professionals: 7 New Cartoons for You

SUMMARY: Here are seven fun cartoons just for email marketers. You'll love them. (Yes, it's ok to share this hotlink with colleagues and in your blog. Why not spread the April Fools' joy?)
Last week, MarketingSherpa's contributing editor Mark Brownlow hesitantly admitted he'd been hiding something important from us. The strain of five years of reporting on email marketing had made him crack.

He was moonlighting as a cartoonist. Not just any cartoons -- cartoons about email marketing.

Oooh goody we said. Let's publish them for April Fools' Day. And so, here you have our seven favorites. (Note: Yes you may freely distribute the link to this page, however please do *not* break copyright law by copying or reproducing the cartoon art itself. Thanks):

#1. When email marketers get desperate

#2. How to solve email deliverability issues

#3. How email authentication really works

#4. If email messages could talk

#5. An email marketer's nightmare

#6. The trouble with metrics reports

#7. When spammers were young

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