July 22, 2003
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Infogate (formerly Pointcast) Sold to AOL

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"It was under the news radar," Cliff Boro former head of Infogate just told me why very few press picked up on the fact that AOL
bought the company in March.

Cliff spoke to me from his cell phone while standing on the deck of his sail boat moored outside Provincetown Mass. He's on his
way up to Maine for August (as soon as the dense fog covering the Northeast blows over.)

"When I pull up and people ask me what I'm doing this summer, and I say, 'I sold my company to AOL after nine years, so I'm taking
the summer off,' they think I'm rich," he laughs. "I explain this is a bear market, when you sell in a bear market that means your
sailboat is still heavily mortgaged."

Cliff and I are having drinks when he comes back down this way in late August, and he promises to let me know what he's planning to
do next then so I can blog it. In the meantime, Paul Love is the sole business-side guy left working for Infogate at AOL. AOL also
kept about 20 techies on board.

Infogate, in part originally Pointcast, is the tech company that powers the subscription push-style streamed content offerings
from LATimes, CNN and USAToday, among others. AOL's acquisition, especially in the midst of the email wars, could be another big
step forward for push content in the US.

One weird thing - check out Infogate.com -- why didn't anybody put some info or a redirect on the site?

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