September 20, 2000

Skyscraper & Avalanche Banner Sizes Get Four to Seven Times Higher Clicks than Smaller Banners

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The Web’s getting cluttered with ads aimed at small biz owners. So, how can you grab their attention? Jason Heller, CEO of NYC-based agency Mass Transit Interactive, suggests you test the new extra-long vertical skyscaper (148x800) or avalanche (120x800) banner sizes. Heller says these ads are “so graphically different that it’s the only way to cut through the clutter.” In fact, Heller says skyscrapers have gotten click through rates four to seven times higher than regularly sized banners!

Heller also recommends tightly focused media buys. “The savvy guys are reading the more granular publications” on the web, so banners on the Wall Street Journal Interactive or New York Times online “just don’t work.” Another mistake is to consider email campaigns as separate from the online ad campaigns. Email marketing should be an integrated subset of the online campaign, Heller advises.

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