April 05, 2011

New Chart: Top factors used in lead score calculations

SUMMARY: We asked more than 900 B2B marketers to share what information they use in their lead scoring methodologies. In this week’s chart, learn the most commonly used factors in lead scoring calculations.
by Jen Doyle, Senior Research Manager

Factors of lead score calculations

Q. What actions or traits are currently considered in your lead scoring calculation?

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Lead scoring is the process of adding or subtracting points as a result of various lead attributes and behaviors that identify sales-ready leads. Any lead that submits contact information to an organization should be assigned an immediate score based on attributes and initial behaviors.

The lead will then receive additional points over time for any new information that indicates desirable traits or by executing desirable actions. The lead should also have points subtracted for undesirable traits or actions.

Lead scoring is an area that presents great opportunity to B2B marketers. The results of our study show that only one quarter of respondents are executing the best practice of identifying a sales-ready lead, based on the lead’s expression of interest over time and reaching a particular lead score.

Lead behaviors, such as these, are excellent indicators of engagement, interest, and ultimately lead quality, which is why they should be included in lead scoring methodologies. Marketing automation applications enable organizations to score leads based on demographics and attributes, as well as behaviors or activity, such as visiting a website or opening and clicking through on an email.

Determining a magic number for your sales-ready lead score will take plenty of trial and error. Much like your universal lead definition, your lead scoring methodology will evolve over time.

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