September 06, 2011

Marketing Research Chart: To what extent are marketers integrating social media?

SUMMARY: Integrating social media with other marketing tactics is about finding synergies and exploiting these relationships. This week’s chart – based on survey results of more than 3,300 marketers -- looks at the percentage of organizations incorporating social media into the marketing mix, and the scope of the integration.
by Kaci Bower, Research Analyst

Chart: Organizations integrating social media into the marketing mix

Q. To what extent does your organization integrate social media into the marketing mix?

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Full and extensive integration is another way of saying that all touch points are being used. But doing this is easier said than done, as the chart above indicates. Only one-quarter of organizations surveyed were extensively integrating social media with both online and offline tactics, with an additional 31 percent working towards this state.

Marrying social media -- an online tactic -- with other online tactics was much more achievable to varying degrees for 32% of organizations. However, the data also suggests that organizations choose to leapfrog from limited integration with other online tactics to limited integration with both types of tactics and are bypassing the extensive online integration stage.

Strategic organizations, or those with a formalized planning process for the management and execution of social media practices, have a strong lead on other organizations when it comes to extensively integrating social media with online and offline tactics. The numbers continue to play out as expected.

Organizations still in the Trial phase -- or those with no process for performing social media -- lag when it comes to integration. These organizations are predominantly working on the first step of interconnecting social media with online tactics or are still operating their social media programs in a silo.

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