April 19, 2011

Marketing Research Chart: The positive impact of media personalization

SUMMARY: How often do B2B organizations personalize media and what impact does it receive? In this week’s marketing research chart, we show how the majority of B2B organizations are personalizing marketing materials to some degree. We also uncover how higher levels of personalization lead to higher performance in email nurturing campaigns.
by Jen Doyle, Senior Research Manager

The personalization of marketing materials

Q. What level of personalization do you apply to your marketing materials?

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The vast majority of B2B organizations are using some level of personalization in their marketing materials. The personalization of media aims to improve response rates for various marketing campaigns, and B2B organizations are capitalizing on this effective marketing tactic.

Organizations in the business services industry sector are the most savvy when it comes to the personalization of media. Since these organizations market their services (including marketing services) to other organizations, it is expected that their marketing materials would incorporate the latest best practices.

Applying a high level of personalization positively impacts email open rates. Organizations executing this tactic in their email nurturing campaigns to a high degree benefited from a 47% improvement in open rates over organizations that had a low level of personalization and a 72% improvement in open rates over organizations that did not use any personalization.

The benefits of regularly personalizing marketing materials are displayed not only in open rates, but in clickthrough rates of email nurturing campaigns as well. Organizations with a high level of media personalization experienced a 42% increase in clickthrough rates over organizations with a low level of personalization and an 81% increase in clickthrough rates over organizations that did not personalize any of their email marketing materials.

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