September 14, 2010

New Chart: The Effectiveness of PPC Objectives

SUMMARY: What are the most effective objectives for pay-per-click (PPC) marketing? From increased lead generation and online sales revenue to improved brand or product reputation, learn which objectives were rated as the most effective by more than 2,000 search engine marketers.
by Jen Doyle, Senior Research Analyst

The Effectiveness of PPC Objectives

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PPC can require a significant investment of both time and money, but when executed effectively, the rewards are well worth it. PPC has been rated as a very effective tactic in achieving increased lead generation, website traffic, increased online sales revenue and increased brand or product awareness, making this an important tactic for B2B and B2C organizations alike.

It's possible that the perception of PPC's effectiveness for increasing offline sales revenue is a result of difficulties in tracking the original source(s) of offline sales. Additionally, the improvements PPC has on website traffic and increased brand or product awareness will lead to an increase in offline sales revenue.

The effectiveness of PPC in improving brand and product reputation or public relations is undervalued, with only 19% and 6% of organizations indicating that PPC was a very effective tactic in achieving these objectives, respectively. PPC can be used to improve brand or product reputation and improve public relations. Having a PPC ad appear above a direct competitor's ad conveys authority on the paid side of search. Additionally, PPC can be utilized to address any negative press that may appear on search results pages. These are just a couple of examples of how PPC can be used to improve reputation and PR.

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