November 08, 2011

Marketing Research Chart: Solutions and providers for sending house email lists

SUMMARY: What percentage of email marketers turn to advanced solutions providers to deliver their campaigns? We asked more than 1,000 organizations this question to find out how many practitioners turn to hosted Email Service Providers (ESPs), and which firms continue to deliver their email marketing campaigns via in-house tools. This week’s marketing research chart looks at their answers.
by Jeff Rice, Research Analyst

Chart: Advanced solutions and service providers the top choice among email marketers

Q. Which type of solution or provider does your organization use to send email campaigns to your house list?

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It’s promising that twice as many organizations that execute their own email programs use an advanced, versus a basic, Web-based solution. It demonstrates the need for comprehensive features to fulfill the increasingly complex tactical requirements of email marketing.

While about one-third of all organizations use a full-service outsourced ESP, B2C channel organizations are more than twice as likely to use an ESP than B2B channel marketers.

Like consumer marketers, large organizations are also much more likely to use an ESP. In both cases, the need for outsourced professional services is required due to the greater scope and complexity of email initiatives.

In the Strategic and Transition phases of email marketing maturity, tactics become more comprehensive and, consequently, require more comprehensive services and solutions. Given these trends, it is no surprise to see that advanced Web-based solutions and ESPs are the choice methods for more mature email marketers.

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