October 18, 2011

Marketing Research Chart: Social CRM is increasingly important for managing social customer relationships

SUMMARY: Organizations recognize social media as a channel instrumental for marketing, communications and sales. However, incorporating social media data with CRM systems, in a way that enables more relevant, customer-driven interaction, can be an extremely complex integration process.

This week’s chart -- based on survey results of more than 3,300 marketers -- looks at the percentage of organizations integrating social marketing data with their CRM systems.
by Kaci Bower, Research Analyst

Marketing Research Chart: The practice of integrating social marketing data with CRM systems is emerging

Q. Which statement best describes the status of the Social CRM (sCRM) initiative at your organization?

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Extending the customer relationship management (CRM) strategy to social media by collecting actionable intelligence on the conversations, behaviors and preferences of constituents in these channels is rapidly gaining momentum.

While only 6% of organizations have fully implemented Social CRM (sCRM), an additional 56% say they either have started to extend the strategy, or are planning to.

SCRM empowers the customer to provide mutually beneficial value to the relationship through intelligence gathered on their social conversations. These conversations are having a significant impact on brands.

No longer is your brand what you say it is; your brand is what they say it is. Successfully implementing sCRM is an important challenge for marketers who wish to optimize their customer relationships by joining and leveraging these conversations.

We found, in general, the data integration requirements of smaller organizations are not as complex as it is for larger organizations. For this reason, small organizations are more likely to have fully implemented, or be in the process of implementing, their sCRM initiative than medium or large organizations.

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