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Mar 06, 2008

MarketingSherpa’s 2008 Email Awards Gallery: Results-Driven Creative You Can Swipe From

SUMMARY: MarketingSherpa’s 2008 Email Awards Gallery -- featuring the best campaigns of the past year -- is waiting to inspire you. Includes 47 victors all based on real results, including B-to-B and B-to-C campaigns, newsletters, ‘Welcome’ letters and triggered campaigns.

Top brands are represented, including Pepsi-Cola, SAP, Royal Caribbean, Dell … even the US Army. Plus, find out who walked away with our inaugural Best of Show trophy.
Wow, more than 300 marketers submitted campaigns to MarketingSherpa’s annual Email Awards competition this year. The awards were handed out at last week’s sold-out Email Summit, Expo & Awards in Miami.

Among the 47 winners are re-engagement emails, entertainment events messages, triggered emails, direct sale or lead-gen promotion and most dramatic test results. Loads of US firms took home awards -- with a fantastic campaign from Germany and a Spanish-language effort sprinkled in.

As in past years, “results” was the most-important factor determining the winners. The quality of this year’s entries was better than ever, said our panel of judges, who inspected every entry’s results first and foremost. Only those with above-average results moved onto the next round.

Next, the judges reviewed strategy -- looking for factors that our research shows are best practices:
- Was testing involved?
- Was there segmentation?
- Was the email highly relevant to recipients?
- Was the strategy specifically devised to meet a particular goal?

Finally, they looked at creative. It broke some ties. But winners were often chosen by virtue of exceptional results and strategy without a creative review. Great-looking emails are a factor, but results say it all.

#1. Best (or Most Dramatic) Test You Learned From
Did you conduct a test this year on subject lines, campaign creative, lists, offers, landing pages ... anything at all? If the results were dramatic, then we want to hear about it. Yes, failed “worst” tests are just as likely to win this award as “happy” tests. The point is you tested and learned.

Gold B-to-B
Southcentral Foundation Company Newsletter

Gold Consumer
Key Messaging Multivariate Test for Kolbe Corp.

Silver Consumer - CYQ Urgent Email

#2. Best Automated Series (Auto Responder)
Do you send an automatic series of messages that are pre-canned to folks who sign up? Perhaps you call it an “e-course” or “welcome series” or something else.

Gold B-to-B
VMWare - Customer Cost Savings

Silver B-to-B
Dell - Customer Ratings & Reviews

Honorable Mention B-to-B
CostGuard Automated Series Upgrade 2007

Gold Consumer
GMAC Lead Incubation

Silver Consumer
Farecast Alert - Airfare Predictions

Honorable Mention Consumer
Les Roches Autoresponder

#3. Best Email Opt-in Campaign
Are you running (or did you in 2007) an opt-in marketing campaign to get more highly qualified, responsive names on your list? Explain the best practices you’re using to get more high-quality names on your opt-in list.

Gold B-to-B
IBM - Gain Greater ROI

Gold B-to-B
Motorola WiMAX Global Relationship Marketing Campaign

Gold B-to-B
Rainmaker Report - The One Piece of Advice You Can’t Generate Leads Without

Gold B-to-B
The Sun Asian Pacific Re-Engagement Campaign

Silver B-to-B
Germanwings October Revolution

Honorable Mention B-to-B

Gold Consumer
Circuit City Marketing Email

Gold Consumer
AMF $50,000 Summer Free-For-All

Gold Consumer & - 50 Days of Giveaways

Gold Consumer
Learning A-Z - Open House

#4. Best Non-Email Opt-in Messaging
What opt-in communications do you offer your customers and prospects aside from email? Can they be tailored for relevance? Can they be measured for success?

Gold B-to-B
Dell - Email Registration Direct Mail

Silver B-to-B
Royal Caribbean Cruises - VIP CruisePass

Gold Consumer
US Army Recruiting

Silver (tie) Consumer
Motorcycle Insurance - In The Saddle

Silver (tie) Consumer
Vail SnowMate

#5. Best Postcard-Style Campaign
You can submit very short text-only messages, or fairly small HTML images and messages. The point is, this campaign was as compact and swift to read as a postcard would be.

Gold B-to-B
Blue Tent Marketing - A Holiday Gift

Gold Consumer
Renault SIAB

Silver Consumer
Indiana University Foundation - Fiscal Year-end Thank You Email

#6. Best Promotional Blast -- Direct Sale or Lead Gen Offer
Whether your campaign was for an ecommerce offer or an offer requiring registration or download, this is the place for it. B-to-B marketers, this is where you’d include your white paper announcements and webinar invites.

Gold B-to-B
Dell - Top Rated Products

Silver B-to-B
SAP PartnershipEdge Program

Honorable Mention B-to-B
Biolase Ezlase Diode Laser

Gold Consumer
Wacom: Power of Pens

Silver (tie) Consumer
Kodak - “Two-fer”

Silver (tie) Consumer
Windows Live Hotmail Incentivized Migration

Honorable Mention Consumer
Raptors - Oh My Bosh!

#7. Best Promotional Relaunch Blast
Did you create a campaign around a product relaunch? Explain what you did to reintroduce the item.

Gold Consumer
Spencer Gifts - Fart Machine - “That Ain’t Hot Air--Fart-O-Nator”

#8. Best Single Welcome Letter (to New Subscribers)
Does your letter to new opt-in subscribers take it one step further beyond the standard “you have been added to the list”? Do you include a branded message, an offer, a list of best hotlinks, personal-style note?

Gold B-to-B
InterContinental Hotels Group - Priority Club Meeting Rewards - Welcome Emails

Gold Consumer
Maxwell House - Spruce Up Your House

#9. Best Email Newsletter for Marketing Purposes
We’re looking for compelling content and easy-to-skim design. How does your newsletter help build your brand, educate the market, create sales? Explain how your content meets the target audience’s needs and how they respond. Extra points for content that’s not just text-words and images ... do you include new media, interactivity, video, audio, Web 2.0? Let us know.

Gold B-to-B
Sun Microsystems Global Channel Partner Newsletter

Silver B-to-B Dealer Advantage

Gold Consumer
HP Home & Home Office Store Newsletter Redesign

Silver (tie) Consumer
My Coke Rewards Newsletter

Silver (tie) Consumer
Sears - What’s in Store for You? email program

#10. Best Triggered Personalized Email
Do you send emails “from” an ecommerce cart that’s been abandoned? Or perhaps reminders to consumers about wish-lists? Or maybe a reminder to businesses when they need to re-order something?

Gold B-to-B
Wer liefert was? (WLW) Customer Loyalty Program

Silver B-to-B
Dell Small & Medium Business Saved Cart

Gold Consumer
Happy Birthday From Pepsi

Silver Consumer
Tennessee Dept. of Tourist Development - License to Ride with Elvis or Dolly

#11. Best of Show
Quite simply, the best of the best.

Logitech DiNovo Edge and Logitech MX Revolution

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Comments about this Article

Mar 07, 2008 - Rebekah Donaldson of B2B Central says:
These are inspiring examples. The winners clearly are deserving. Hats off! Wow! I'm humbled... and saving examples like crazy! It's great that these folks shared their work this way. And it's a tremendous service that you compiled and published all this. What a gold mine. Now, a question -- should small companies enter their campaigns in '08? Anne I know you'll say 'yes!' But here's why I ask: large enterprises dominated the winner's circle like never before this year. Yes I realize that not all winners were large. Clearly there are some smaller firms doing ingenious rigorous email marketing. If we made a 'pyramid' to represent entries -- would it show many large companies, fewer midsize, and very few small or the other way around? I'm not challenging or being snarky -- I'm asking about what inference if any to make from winner's circle representation. Maybe the answer is 'make no inference because...'

Mar 10, 2008 - Tad Clarke of MarketingSherpa says:
Rebekah, Thanks for your comment. We had an amazing batch of submissions this year -- the most ever. The judges told me they had a really tough time narrowing the list down to the ones who won. Many were bigger companies, but there's certainly no reason why mid-sized and smaller marketers and agencies shouldn't enter the awards next year. Remember, the awards are based on results, so you shouldn't read anything into what companies were selected.

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