February 16, 2005
Event Presentation

Audio Special: MarketingSherpa's Eyetracking Study Results -- Downloadable Presentation + Slide Deck

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Topic: MarketingSherpa's Eyetracking Landing Page Study Results

Discover how the human eye is "hardwired" to view Web pages, especially promotional campaign landing pages. Roughly 50% of people who click to your page leave in under eight seconds, so design and copy to catch the eye is mission critical to improving your conversions. Presentation includes:

- Two colorful "heatmaps" from live study results, one for a b-to-b lead generation landing page, and the other for a typical eretail product page.

- How to avoid the #1 most common landing page design mistake

- Top three quick fixes to improve your conversions, based on MarketingSherpa Case Study data

Featured speakers:

Anne Holland, Publisher, MarketingSherpa Stefan Tornquist, Metrics Editor, MarketingSherpa Greg Edwards, CTO, Eyetools Inc.

Free links to access the presentation:

Here are the two links you'll need to access this presentation:

Link #1. Download your copy of the PDF presentation (about 10 pages, includes eyetracking heatmaps) http://www.MarketingSherpa.com/tele/LPET.pdf

Link #2. Download the audio file of the presentation. It's roughly 45 minutes long in mp3 format: http://www.MarketingSherpa.com/tele/LPH.mp3

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