June 15, 2010

New Chart: Marketing Budgets by Organization Size

SUMMARY: In this week’s chart, we’ll take a look at marketing budgets as a percentage of total gross revenue for various organization sizes.

What is your marketing budget and what percentage of your gross revenue does it represent? Check out this week’s chart to see how your budget compares to other organizations of your size.
By Jen Doyle, Senior Analyst

Share of 2009 Revenue Spent on Marketing (Projected), by Organization Size

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This chart reflects the economies of scale more so than it does aggressive marketing spending by smaller organizations compared with larger counterparts.

For companies of all sizes, a decline in revenue has resulted in marketing budget reductions and a shift to more cost-efficient digital tactics, such as email, search and social media. Organizations that have been required to stretch every dollar during this recessionary period are getting more mileage from these new media tactics.

It is somewhat surprising that the capital intensive industrial/manufacturing sector is budgeting nearly the same share of revenue on marketing as the higher-margin and typically more marketing-aggressive business technology sector.

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