August 14, 2012

Marketing Research Chart: Is value proposition testing part of your lead gen strategy?

SUMMARY: When it comes to combating rapid technological shifts and resulting divisions in customer attention, testing is one of the best tactics in the lead gen arsenal. However, this tactic often falls by the wayside, leaving organizations with stale value propositions, and poor sales to match.

Check out this week's marketing research chart to see the percentage of marketers who use value proposition testing to keep their messaging fresh and relevant.
by Jen Doyle, Senior Research Manager

Marketing Research Chart: Testing of value propositions

Q. Do you test your value proposition to optimize its effectiveness in driving qualified conversions?

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For many organizations, a value proposition is one of those “Marketing 101” tools that everyone must possess. Yet, countless organizations have stale, confusing or simply average value propositions that do little more than house the first page of an employee handbook.

During our 2012 Lead Generation Benchmark Survey, we asked marketing professionals to tell us if they had a defined value proposition for their organizations. According to the study, 67% of all respondents indicated that they do, but how many have value propositions that are clear, compelling, exclusive and credible?

As the above chart shows, 54% of those respondents do nothing to optimize their value propositions. For this majority, how old, outdated or irrelevant are these value propositions, and are they even being used?

A real value proposition is not a vague statement of assessment as to what the company does, but rather a highly valuable and organic tool that must be generated from a need in the marketplace, and used to convince and convert even the most skeptical of buyers. And, just as a tool can become rusty, value propositions must be tested and optimized over time to evolve with today’s ever-changing marketplace.

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