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Oct 15, 2001

Get Your Name in Internet Retailer Magazine

SUMMARY: In this 4th installment in our series of profiles of influential marketing journalists, you'll learn how to plant a story in Internet Retailer Magazine, read by more than 35,000 North American retail chain and eretail executives. Want to reach the folks at Marcy's or the journalist who's got their ear at.
PROFILE #4 in Our Continuing Series on Marketing Journalists

Kurt Peters
EVP & Editor in Chief
Internet Retailer
Vertical Web Media
300 S Wacker Dr Ste 1610
Chicago IL 60606
V: 312.362.9529
F: 631.226.0688
E: (Use for all press releases)

Circulation as of 10/01:

Monthly magazine - 35,000 controlled circ., primarily cataloguers and chain retailers (such as Macys), some dot-com pure plays. 90% USA, 10% Canadian. 52% of readers are C-level (CEO, COO, etc.) 11% EVP, Sr VP. Launched March 1999

Twice weekly (Tuesdays & Thursdays) email newsletter - 13,500 opt-in subscribers, slightly more international readership

Web site - 21,000 unique monthly visitors representing 60,000 visits.

Peters' background:

Peters has been a professional journalist for 24 years, starting out in newspapers. In 1983, he switched to writing paid professional newsletters, beginning with POS News for Publisher Jack Love. As the company grew and was sold to Faulkner & Gray, which became part of mega-publisher Thomson Financial, Peters' responsibilities grew with it. Ultimately he ended up as an Executive Vice President busy with leadership and paperwork, but little journalism.

So when Thomson decided to divest itself of Internet Retailer magazine last year, Peters together with friend and publisher Love grabbed the chance to go back to the good old days when they could be hands on with a single publication. Peters says, "It's been very exciting. I just love being back reporting and writing!"

Current Editorial coverage:

The focus is on Internet-related information that CEOs of major click and mortars will find useful.

Peters says, "We are a strategic pub, not just about selling on the Web, but really about all the ways retailers use the Web -- supply chain management, store management, POS terminals in stores, using the Web as a way to move information through the enterprise."

He adds, "I'd like to emphasize that we are written by professional journalists with lots of experience, and we hold a very high standard for editorial content."

What Peters looks for in a story pitch:

You've got to have a closely related angle. Peters tosses general tech press releases and story pitches. "If it's not specifically related to retailers and catalogs I pretty much ignore it."

New product launch press releases may get picked up as is on the Web site, but Peters will not focus any editorial or print coverage on your new tech unless you have a retail, catalog, or dot-com client who's already tried it and they are willing to speak to results.

For example, if you're touting new search technology for Web sites, you'll need to give Peters the names of clients or beta testers who can independently explain what sort of ROI they are getting out of it.

Internet Retailer's editorial staff does an enormous amount of research for their magazine's cover stories, often speaking to 25-30 sources. While they almost never take cover story suggestions, you have a shot at being included in a story if you've gotten your name in their internal files as an expert to be contacted for background data and quotes on a particular topic.

Send "I'm an expert" pitches to the email address above, and be sure to explain precisely what you're an expert on. 'Internet retailing' is far too broad -- pick something focused.


Peters can take story pitches up to a month before the cover date for a particular magazine issue. The annual resource guide is published every August, so be sure to get your listing in by early July at the latest.

Send story ideas and releases in for the email newsletters and Web site at any time, but don't expect to reach Peters by phone for these as he's rarely off deadline.

Submitting pre-written contributions:

The magazine accepts one outside contribution every month. Peters says, "We do get quite a few pitches for those."

Articles should be 650-1300 words in length and written with a particular point of view by a true expert in the industry. No, your article cannot promote a particular product or vendor.

The article must be exclusive to Internet Retailer. Expect extensive editing -- these folks are professional journalists and they are picky about content quality!

Becoming a regular columnist

There are no regular columnists.

Where you can meet Peters

Peters doesn't get out to many events because he's on deadline most of the week. He does pop over to some related shows in Chicago, and plans to attend the National Retail Federation show in New York in January 2002.

Best gifts for Peters

Peters is not interested in receiving anything whatsoever. "Gifts are low on my radar screen."

Peters' favorite professional publication

AIM's Internet Politics Insider at
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