February 16, 2000
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Syndication Tips for Health-Related Publishers

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Last week, HealthOnline announced a signed deal to distribute content online from Rodale, publishers of Prevention Magazine and other health-related titles.

HealthOnline syndicates personalized health information for consumers to mainly regionally based or topical health Web sites, such as Medformation.com a Web site for Minnesota residents and the Cancer Survivors Network. Consumers then view the information on their regional sites for free.
If you publish health-related content for consumers and would like to chat about syndication opportunities, contact HealthOnline's Business Development department at: bizdev@healthonline or call 800.463.6482.

Healthonline is only one more than dozen companies syndicating this type of content, and few content syndication deals are exclusive. In fact, Rodale's been actively syndicating their content on the Web via a variety of channels for the past two years. Their first major deal was with Women.com's health channel. Other major health content owners who have done multiple syndication deals include John's Hopkins Intelihealth.com and ReutersHealth.com.

Health content owners are also doing headline-only syndication deals. Recently health news site, Health24News (http://www.health24News.com), announced an agreement with doctor information site SearchPointe.com (http://www.searchpointe.com) that other content sites might want to copy. Under the agreement, Searchpoint will run Health24News' latest headlines complete with links back to Health24News' site in exchange for a return link.

If you've got consumer, professional or scientific health content (books, newsletters, Web site, etc.) you'd like to syndicate to other Web sites and online services, your best bet is to attend the next eHealthCareWorld show Las Vegas Conference - May 1-3, 2000. Plus, learn more about who's who by checking out the invaluable links to exhibitors at their Web site right away. (http://www.ehealthcareworld.com)

You should also sign yourself up for the new free emailed newsletter, ihealthcareweekly (http://www.ihealthcareweekly.com). Sign up by going to their site or sending a blank email to ihealth-html-on@sar.exactis.com

Last but not least as with all content topics, health publishers should contact the folks at iSyndicate to learn about their syndication brokering services. (http://www.isyndicate.com)

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