November 28, 2007
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Special Report: Authors - How to Get Your Business Book Published

SUMMARY: Writing a business book can help you position yourself as an authority. But because of the time and resources you'll invest, it's best to set realistic expectations and gather plenty of practical information to guide you.

Our latest Special Report is a PDF download on how to write a book and get it published. Includes examples and samples of:
- Query letters to agents
- 14 questions for negotiating a contract
- A list of literary agents and publishers
- Four contract-yielding book proposals
About 60 percent of books lose money for their publishers. Since books are bought with discretionary time and money, fewer than ever are being sold these days. However, writers keep writing. Each year the publishing industry puts out more than 50,000 new books, and books with a hot topic and fresh slant continue to sell.

Authors put pen to paper for a myriad of reasons.

Here is the link to the PDF download of this Special Report, Authors: How to Get Your Business Book Published:

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