January 03, 2012

Marketing Research Chart: Functional roles related to LPO

SUMMARY: To help marketers envision how their peers’ LPO practice looks from the human capital perspective, we examined the job functions performed in broadly defined levels of authority. Find out the results from a survey of 2,673 marketers in this week’s chart.
by Meghan Lockwood, Research Analyst

Chart: Managerial functions related to LPO performed in 2010, by organizational role

Q. What job functions do you routinely perform with respect to Landing Page Optimization?

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Regardless of the level of authority, an overwhelming majority of marketing executives and managers in organizations engaged in landing page optimization (LPO) were personally involved in reviewing Web analytics or test data reporting. This is a healthy indicator of how data-driven marketing departments have become.

These marketing executives and managers are also rolling up their sleeves and getting data themselves out of analytics tools. In addition, 72% of executives and managers are involved with copy writing and editing, and half develop process logic for pages and funnels.

In part, this trend is also a reflection of a large number of small marketing departments, where one person may be both CMO and data analyst. We see marketing managers and executives, on average, wear many different hats.

Our research reveals organizations have an average of only 1.13 full-time dedicated LPO employees, causing companies to expect a lot from each marketer to make LPO a reality.

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