August 03, 2010

New Chart: Email Newsletter Response Rates

SUMMARY: We wanted to know how the performance of B2B email newsletters compares to the performance of B2C email newsletters, so we asked nearly 1,500 marketers.

Check out this week’s chart to learn how B2B email newsletters compare to B2C email newsletters in open rate, clickthrough rate and conversion rate.
by Sergio Balegno, Research Director

Response Rates for Email Newsletters, by Target Market

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Many analysts and email experts have tried to move the industry away from the use of open rates as an overall success metric and limit their use to gauge the effectiveness of subject lines. While the factors used to determine open rates are often inconsistent (i.e., the percent of total email vs. percent of delivered email), the open rate is still valuable as a comparative period-to-period measure of the interest level in a given email. The factors used to determine clickthrough rate are also inconsistent (delivered vs. opened), so the data shown is based on the aggregate of definitions used by survey respondents.

Email newsletters generally contain far more links to information and offers than non-newsletter emails. Because of this, clickthrough and conversion rates become important as indicators of email newsletter performance.

Email newsletters to consumers have an edge over B2B newsletters in terms of response rate performance across the board.

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