February 19, 2013

Marketing Research Chart: Top analytics objectives for 2013

SUMMARY: In this week's chart, we learn about the marketing analytics objectives deemed most important in planning for the coming year, chosen by our surveyed marketers. Be sure to share your own analysis of this chart in the MarketingSherpa LinkedIn Group for a chance to be published in a future blog post.
Marketers are responsible for obtaining a wealth of data, as well as transforming findings into ROI and concrete gains. We wanted to learn more about marketers' current and future planning for marketing analytics. Therefore, we asked …

Q: What are your organization's most important marketing analytics objectives for 2013?

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Our surveyed marketers seem committed to taking the wealth of metrics they've accumulated and to putting it to work for their efforts. When asked to identify their organizations' most important analytics objectives for the coming year, 66% indicated they planned to act on data to improve marketing performance.

Additionally, a considerable 39% claimed they intended to combine data from multiple sources to draw correlations and make predictions about their efforts.

One notable item was the relatively low 26% of marketers who indicated gaining executive-level support was a primary objective.

As we learned from a number of comments provided as free-response anecdotes for the Benchmark Report, a lack of C-level understanding of analytics was a barrier in obtaining better tools and resources.

Points to Consider

With increased levels of available data — and increased costs used to obtain it — come higher executive expectations. Are the C-level executives in your organization aligned with your team's analytics goals? Has obtaining executive-level buy-in created a hindrance in obtaining the resources and tools you need to capitalize on your analytics data? How do you plan to obtain more executive support for 2013?

For more information about marketing analytics, download the free excerpt from the 2013 Marketing Analytics Benchmark Report.

And, be sure to share your own analysis of this chart in the MarketingSherpa LinkedIn Group for a chance to be published in a future blog post.

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