September 27, 2016

Social Media Marketing Chart: Facebook video ad performance (based on presenter presence and duration)


Facebook is the most used social network in the world. One way to get in front of this large audience is with video ads.

How can you make an effective ad? Read on to learn what’s working (and not working) in Facebook video advertising.

by Daniel Burstein, Senior Director, Content & Marketing, MarketingSherpa and MECLABS Institute

To help understand what makes an effective Facebook video ad, Buzztala evaluated 232 ad sets from 12 social campaigns run on Facebook between January 1 and May 31, 2016.

The first chart shows the effect on clickthrough rate and view-through rate of having a presenter on camera versus no presenter in the videos.

The second chart explores the same metrics for video length.

“Over time, we’ve found 25 seconds is the inflection point so we compare on either side of that,” said Jay DeDapper, CEO, Buzztala.

Performance Based on Presenter Presence
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Performance Based on Video Duration
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We sat down with Jay to discuss the data, along with what’s working (and not working) in Facebook video advertising.

The human connection made for the most effective videos on Facebook; having an on-camera presenter increased clickthrough rate by 72%. And videos under 25 seconds long received a 10% higher clickthrough rate than longer videos.

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