May 30, 2017

Email Marketing Chart: Consumer unsubscribe data


MarketingSherpa recently released data on why consumers unsubscribe from companies’ email.

To help you put that data into action, we interviewed Daniel Incandela, Chief Marketing Officer, Return Path. Watch this video interview to get tips for not only decreasing unsubscribes but also increasing engagement and inbox placement.

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by Daniel Burstein, Senior Director, Content & Marketing, MarketingSherpa and MECLABS Institute

“Are you sending an email to someone on your list that is going to add value to their life?”                            

“Are you doing any A/B testing on subject lines or the content of the email?”

“If you’re not thinking of your customers and giving them value in their lives, why would they open it?”

These quotes are excerpts from my interview with Daniel Incandela, Chief Marketing Officer, Return Path, at the MarketingSherpa Media Center, powered by Cision, at MarketingSherpa Summit 2017. Watch the full interview to get Incandela’s insights into reducing unsubscribes and increasing engagement (to ultimately increase inbox placement).

The data we discussed is based on MarketingSherpa research with 2,400 consumers, sampled to reflect a close match to the U.S. population’s demographics. We asked consumers:

Why do you unsubscribe from the email lists of companies with which you are [satisfied or unsatisfied]? Select all that apply.

To see 35 charts from the study, download the free report.

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