August 28, 2012

Marketing Research Chart: Ranking 12 top email marketing objectives

SUMMARY: Limited marketing budgets often force marketers to select from a variety of possible email marketing tactics. View today’s chart to see how 2,735 marketers rank some of the most important factors influencing their decisions as they strive to maintain a balance between campaign needs and limited resources.
by W. Jeffrey Rice, Senior Research Analyst

Marketing Research Chart: Three dimensions of email objectives - need, difficulty and popularity

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Maintaining both efficiency and effectiveness in an email marketing campaign is a continuing challenge for marketers as they struggle to maximize time and resources in a weak economy.

This virtual "tight-rope walk" often forces marketers to pick and choose from a variety of potential strategies. So, we decided to look into some of the main factors influencing the selection and implementation of email tactics.

During our 2011 Email Marketing Benchmark Survey, we asked marketers to tell us about their email marketing needs and some of the difficulties they face during implementation.

We saw, among other things, that combining email with other functions ranks highly on list of needs. Respondents ranked email integration and using email for funnel optimization as two of the most important email marketing objectives.

Still, these tactics prove to be difficult to implement. When it comes to ease of implementation, segmentation, testing, and delivering relevant content win out over other email marketing tactics.

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