December 12, 2000
Case Study Increases Repeat Visits by 118% with @hoc Toolbar

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Founded Oct '99, content aggregator claims over 200,000 registered users. Acquiring new visitors is expensive, especially when competing in a crowded market. Therefore, once acquired visitors, the site wanted to get as many of them to return as possible, as frequently as possible.

In May 2000, signed an agreement with @hoc, an ASP providing a customizable branded toolbar for's users to download.

Users like the toolbar because it features field with blinking cursor where they can enter a stock’s ticker symbol without the need to visit a personal finance or financial media website. The toolbar remains visible to users as they click around the site – and even once they leave.

Aside from hopefully encouraging repeat visitors,'s marketers also like the toolbar because it also collects retention-oriented market research, data profiling, and support services. owns all information gathered from users as they register and use the toolbar.

RESULTS experienced a spike of 118% in repeat visits to its site since the full implementation of the @hoc toolbar in August 2000.

NOTES: Financial services is @hoc’s most concentrated area of clients, which also include Raging Bull, Multex Investor, CBS MarketWatch, and SelectBourse. Offering user-customized toolbars has become a hot market; Yahoo! Companion is another toolbar offering similar features and functionality, available since spring 1999.

Headquartered in New York City, is itself an ASP provider. In addition to its news and information portal, licenses its streaming, real-time quote product as an ASP to other sites.

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