March 21, 2024
Case Study

Human-centric Marketing: How messaging makeover helped agritech drone company generate $912,000 in revenue


What language does your marketing speak?

When I say ‘language,’ I don’t mean English, Spanish, or Hebrew. Does your marketing speak to what your company is focused on internally, or to what your customer understands and cares about externally?

We bring you a quick example to help you stay focused on the customer’s language (with both words and visuals) in this article. Read on to see how an important shift helped elevate Talos Drones’ market presence and increase orders by 453%.

by Daniel Burstein, Senior Director, Content & Marketing, MarketingSherpa and MECLABS Institute

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Talos Drones is a North American authorized DJI distributor. It sells agricultural drones to farmers.

BEFORE: Lost in the technical weeds

“We identified key competitors, researched the search intent of potential customers, and discovered a crucial insight: drone marketing often emphasized technical specifications, making it inaccessible to the average farmer,” said Tom Desmond, CEO, UppercutSEO (Talos Drones’ agency).

The Talos Drones team’s initial strategy had relied on technical content that, while informative, alienated potential customers. These technical specifications and jargon-heavy ads failed to resonate with farmers seeking practical applications of drone technology.

For example, the below ad focuses on ‘RTK centimeter-level positioning’ and ‘CPU hashrate.’

Creative Sample #1: Previous static Instagram ad for promoting Drones

Creative Sample 1: Previous static Instagram ad for promoting Drones

The landing pages focused on technical specifications, overwhelming visitors with jargon. For example, the below landing page has a close-up, detailed picture of a dual atomization sprayer.

Creative Sample #2: Previous landing page with a technical focus

Creative Sample #2: Previous landing page with a technical focus

AFTER: A customer-centric approach

The team realized the need for a revamped landing page to feature the agricultural use of drones in relatable scenarios, such as monitoring crop health, capturing high-resolution field images, or (as seen in the below example) spraying a field.

Creative Sample #3: The revamped landing page

Creative Sample #3: The revamped landing page

In the new advertisements, the drones were presented in realistic scenarios. The team sought to not only make the technology approachable but also show its tangible benefits on an emotional level.

Creative Sample #4: New Instagram ads promoting agricultural drones

Creative Sample #4: New Instagram ads promoting agricultural drones

“We embraced a human-centric marketing strategy,” said Mehdi Shahbazi, CEO, Talos Drones.

RESULTS: Increase in revenue

The campaign generated $912,000 in revenue for Talos Drones, thanks to the following improvements:

  • Online store sessions climbed 162%
  • Orders rose 453%
  • Conversion rate increased 127%
  • Average search position went from 16.1 to 15.5
  • Average SERP CTR increased from 2% to 2.4%

"A shift from technical prowess to customer experience in our digital presence was a game-changer. It wasn't just about drones; it was about the stories our customers could tell with them," Shahbazi said.

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