July 24, 2012

Marketing Research Chart: Capture B2B leads with 2012’s most effective SEO tactics

SUMMARY: We surveyed 1,530 marketers during this year’s B2B Benchmark Study to find what works in online and offline marketing. Check out this week’s chart for a detailed look at one of this year’s most effective marketing tactics.
by Jen Doyle, Senior Research Manager

Marketing Research Chart: Effectiveness of SEO Tactics for B2B

Q. Please indicate the level of effectiveness (in terms of achieving objectives) for each of the SEO tactics your organization is using.

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In a recent survey of 1,530 B2B marketing professionals, we discovered search engine optimization (SEO) to be one of the most effective lead generation tactics for 2012. In fact, it came in just slightly behind website optimization (42%) with a compelling 38% of respondents ranking it as a “very effective.”

So, we decided to dig a little deeper and find out what exactly B2B marketers are doing to achieve and maintain high organic search rankings. In the above chart, we analyze the effectiveness of various SEO tactics for B2B organizations.

Content creation tops the list as the most effective tactic for SEO. As organizations increase website content, they are able to achieve higher rankings, and a greater number of listings in the search engine results pages. This ultimately leads to increased inbound traffic from search engines.

Content creation also supports organizations’ social marketing efforts, and when integrated with an existing SEO strategy, this can be highly effective in improving results achieved from SEO campaigns.

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