August 07, 2012

Marketing Research Chart: B2B Marketers - Are your SEO tactics worth the fight?

SUMMARY: The most effective SEO tactics aren’t always easy, as our 2011 B2B Marketing Benchmark Survey shows. See which tactics B2B marketers ranked the most difficult in last year’s study, and consider where your team should put its resources in the remainder of 2012.
by Jen Doyle, Senior Research Manager

Marketing Research Chart: Difficulty of SEO tactics for B2B

Q. Please indicate the degree of difficulty (time, effort and expense required) for each of the SEO tactics your organization is using.

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According to our study, B2B marketers felt external link building was the most difficult SEO tactic implemented in 2011. Inbound links work extremely well to build credibility within search engines, and even a few good links can have an impact on SEO performance.

However, because inbound links are generated from third-party sites, it can be difficult for organizations to produce them. This leaves B2B marketing teams with the tough decision over whether to incorporate such a productive but challenging tactic into their campaigns.

Similarly, when we analyzed the effectiveness of SEO tactics for B2B, we discovered a gap between the ease and effectiveness of content marketing. We learned that content creation was the most effective tactic. However, when we asked marketers about the difficulty of SEO tactics for B2B, we learned that content creation is also the second-most difficult tactic.

Although content creation may be one of the most time, effort and expense consuming SEO activities, its ratings of effectiveness indicate that it is well worth the additional resources.

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