March 07, 2007

Special Report: Affiliate Marketing 2007 -- Commission Debate & Trademark Concerns

SUMMARY: 329 merchants and 296 affiliates completed our 2007 Affiliate Marketing Survey -- and the results are in! There's lots of terrific stuff about keyword bidding policies, blogs and the challenges facing the industry.

Plus, the answers to questions about trademarks and technology are bound to surprise you. Includes 16 data charts, analysis and useful resource links.

We're well into 2007 now, and many of the same issues from recent years still hamper the affiliate industry. More merchants worry about "paying twice" for traffic stemming from affiliates who use their trademarks at Google, Yahoo!, AOL, etc.

Problems with malware/adware/spyware and underhanded paid search tactics continue to feed merchants' distrust of affiliate marketing. More than anything, though, our survey results reveal that a significant lack of communication still exists between the two sides.

Click here for the PDF download of this 18-page file:

Affiliate Report 2007 (4.5mb)

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