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Win-back Campaigns and List Cleansing: How CNET re-engaged 8% of its email list

Diana Primeau, CNET

In this full free replay of an Email Summit 2013 case study, Diana Primeau, Director, Member Services, CNET, recalled the scary part of cleaning her list: deleting large numbers of users and watching the list shrink.

Giving users a chance to reengage with an opt-in list or switch lists can lengthen the relationship with that customer.

However, "you've got to be able to go through with [downsizing], if you’re going to cleanse your list," Primeau warned.

Naturally, the size of your list will get smaller.

However, the quality of the list becomes greater and your emails are sent to people who actually want to hear from you and engage with you.

In this video, you will learn:

  • How to sort out the inactive users from the busy individuals

  • How Primeau and her team made the cuts necessary to have a good quality list good

  • How to stimulate audience engagement and improve the experience for the engaged user

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