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Email Summit 2015: Top Takeaways from this year’s best sessions

Daniel Burstein and Jessica Lorenz, MarketingSherpa

At MarketingSherpa Email Summit 2015, marketers came together from across the world to discuss and discover what works in email marketing. From list segmentation and personalization to testing and design, brand-side marketers and industry experts took the stage to share their case studies, insights and actionable takeaways.

In this webinar, sponsored by BlueHornet, Daniel Burstein, Director of Editorial Content, and Jessica Lorenz, Event Content Manager, both of MarketingSherpa, reviewed over 15 hours of content and captured the most inspirational and actionable lessons into only 30 minutes. Watch this video replay for ideas on how you can improve your own email marketing campaigns.

Burstein and Lorenz covered several sessions, including:
  • Mary Abrahamson's, Email Marketing Specialist, Ferguson Enterprises, explanation about how a B2B company was able to use email to learn about their customers’ needs and preferences

  • Aaron Buchanan's, Digital Personalization Manager, Finish Line, discussion on how email is just a touch point in the customer journey and how to keep the conversation going across channels

  • Shawna Dahlin's, Senior Email Marketing Manager, Microsoft Store, revelation about how you can use data that you already have to enhance your customers’ experiences

  • And much more

Download the slides to this presentation

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