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MarketingSherpa Webinar Archive

The Search for Social Media Synergy

Sergio Balegno, MECLABS, and Melinda E. Van Patter, Marketwire +sysomos

The use of social media for B2B marketing purposes is rapidly evolving. Many organizations are now able to measure the direct financial value gained from social marketing by strategically integrating it with search engine optimization to increase the volume and quality of leads. As a result, these marketers are not only projecting ROI, they are proving it.

Nearly half (47%) of all social media marketers are integrating SEO tactics to improve inbound marketing performance because the synergy between the two produces a combined effect that is greater than the sum of their separate effects.

The integration of search and social helps organizations generate more relevant content; which increases the number of inbound links; which creates more relevant search engine listings and higher organic rankings; which drives more traffic to your social sites and landing page conversion points. The result for B2B marketers: an increase in lead generation and social marketing ROI.

In this webinar, you will learn from Sergio Balegno, Director of Research, MECLABS, and Melinda E. Van Patter, Account Executive, Marketwire +sysomos:

  • Why social media marketers are using SEO to improve inbound marketing performance

  • Five key trends in social media and search engine optimization integration

  • Why a social marketing architecture is critical to generating B2B leads

  • The CMO priorities and perceptions that are driving social marketing ROI

  • How to calculate the ROI from B2B social marketing campaigns

  • Identify what to measure, why and how

  • The key relationship metrics for tracking

Please refer to our Privacy Policy and About Us page for contact details.