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Realizing a Return on Your Social Marketing Investment

Sergio Balegno, MECLABS, and Meghan Lockwood, MECLABS

Listen to Sergio Balegno, Director of Research, MECLABS, and Meghan Lockwood, Research Analyst, MECLABS, discuss the strategies behind the monetization of your social media marketing channel.

During a live poll in the webinar, about 34% of marketers indicated they are in the trial phase of social media marketing maturity. This stage consists of organizations that do no have a process or guidelines for social marketing.

We revealed the following in this hour-long webinar, courtesy of Facebook:

  • How to get to the Strategic phase of social marketing maturity

  • How priorities for social marketing are changing in the C-suite

  • What's driving the investment in social media programs

  • How integrating social media increased revenue 25% to 40% quarterly

  • Tactics for measuring social media's contribution to the bottom line

  • A formula for calculating social marketing return on investment

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