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Leveraging User Data: How a Canadian Automotive Maintenance Service Company Achieved Lift in Customer Engagement Metrics by Leveraging Data to Create a Personalized Experience

Andrea Shaikin, (Former) Director, Customer Experience & Engagement, Mr. Lube Canada

Mr. Lube is a Canadian chain of automotive maintenance service centers and an overall industry leader. The organization was challenged with customer retention and relationship management across the various touch points.

In this webinar, Andrea Shaikin, Director of Customer Experience and Engagement (former) at Mr. Lube will discuss how her team identified the need to use data for the purpose of identifying customer behavior which provided rich customer insights for the delivery of more personalized messages along the purchase process. You will learn:

  • How to determine what data is most important
  • How to transform that data into rich customer insights
  • How those insights can inform personalized messaging
  • How to leverage personalization across an entire purchase process

Using the tactics discussed in this webinar, Mr. Lube was able to achieve a 29% increase in open rate, a 222% increase in clickthrough rate, and a 20% decrease in bounce rate.

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