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Creating Customer-centric Messaging for Optimal Lead Generation

Jen Doyle, MECLABS, and Stonie Clark, MECLABS

The sales funnel has changed. Buyers now have a greater ability to independently research purchasing decisions online before speaking to a vendor or sales associate.

Marketers must adapt to the new environment and begin providing value to the buyer early in the sales process through engaging Web content. Helpful content and a strong reputation on the Web both communicate thought leadership and gain the trust of your potential buyer, thus improving lead quality.

Join Jen Doyle, Senior Research Manager, MECLABS, and Stonie Clark, Research Associate, MECLABS, for this hour-long webinar.

Lessons in this webinar, sponsored by Act-On Software, Inc., include:

  • An introduction to the FUEL methodology for optimal lead generation strategy

  • How to build the foundation for your lead generation program(s)

  • How to identify buyer personas and understand the importance of your organization's value to them

  • How to develop key strategies to produce content your ideal customers will find valuable

  • A case study on how an online luggage retailer created a premium report based on a survey of e-newsletter subscribers, and captured five times more blog traffic by combining email, search, social and PR for a content marketing campaign

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