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Best Practices for Improving Search and Social Marketing Integration

Jen Doyle, MECLABS; Kaci Bower, MECLABS; Grant Simmons, The Search Agency; Josh Peters, The Search Agency

In this MarketingSherpa webinar, featuring, Jen Doyle, Senior Research Manager, and Kaci Bower, Research Analyst, both of MECLABS, and Grant Simmons, Group Account Director, and Josh Peters, Manager, Social Media, both from The Search Agency, discussed best practices for improving search and social marketing integration.

The speakers discussed the importance of integrating social media into marketing efforts, as social media increases the amount of SEO-friendly content on the Web. It also generates inbound links, and improves overall search performance.

You will learn:

  • The effectiveness of SEO and social media towards various marketing objectives

  • Actual benefits of integrating social media into search campaigns

  • Five key trends in search and social media integration

  • Top practices for integrating search and social media

  • New developments in search