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Landing Page Optimization: 3 keys to increasing conversion rates

Charles Coker, MECLABS; Todd Lebo, MECLABS; Andreas Stenzel, TRUSTe

In this MarketingSherpa webinar, Charles Coker, Director of Training, MECLABS, Todd Lebo, Senior Director of Content & Business Development, MECLABS, and Andreas Stenzel, Marketing Director, TRUSTe, shared insights on how to reduce landing page anxiety, build dynamic interaction and establish trust with online visitors while increasing revenue stream and improving the bottom line.

You will learn:

  • How anxiety on a landing page affects a customer’s decision to buy

  • The Conversion Sequence

  • How to relieve anxiety on a landing page

  • An experiment to show you landing page optimization in action

  • How to apply these findings to your optimization efforts

  • And much more …