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How You Can Use Email to Discover the Essence of Your Value Proposition

Austin McCraw, MECLABS

A company's value proposition is "probably one of the most fundamental aspects of a business," Austin McCraw, Senior Editorial Analyst, MECLABS, explained during his presentation at Email Summit 2013. In this full video replay, see how email testing can be used to devise an applicable and meaningful value proposition to customers through testing.

Testing a value proposition through email enabled McCraw and his team to "put a face on the person [he] was talking to," and understand "what it is that motivates our prospects." Email testing takes the politics out of guessing what attracts leads or customers and enables the customer to communicate to the marketer what inspires him.

However, in order to effectively conduct an email test, email marketers must first accept that some tests will not necessarily generate a lift. McCraw reminded the marketing community that "the goal of a test is to not simply get a lift, but to get a learning."

McCraw said "email marketing is one of the most effective ways to discover your value proposition," because of the nature of email. In email testing:

  • Treatments are easy to change

  • There is a large sample size

  • It's conducted in a highly competitive environment

  • Marketers already send emails


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