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E-commerce: Testing value proposition leads to 220% increase in total conversions

Jon Ciampi, CRC Health, and Daniel Burstein, MECLABS

This session from Optimization Summit 2013 features Jon Ciampi, Vice President of Marketing, Business Development & Corporate Development, CRC Health, in his presentation, "Marketing Transformation: How a health care company transformed decision-making across 140 sites."

Brought in as change agents, Ciampi's team needed to figure what changes to make, and how to implement them consistently across those 140 sites being driven by individual businesses.

"How do you get a bunch of people to change what they're doing, especially what would be older tactics … and how do we get them online and not come across as 'the professors?' It's an interesting challenge," Ciampi said.

In this Optimization Summit 2013 video replay, Ciampi discusses how his team met that challenge by:
  • Testing the value proposition and customer logic

  • Implementing change consistently across the sites

  • Justifying spending with regard to the bottom line

  • Using social media to create a big impact

In this video, see how the CRC Health marketing team was able to achieve a 220% increase in total conversion leading to an "aha moment" for their value proposition.

Download the slides to this presentation

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