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How a Healthcare Software Company Used Behavioral Marketing to Exceed Lead Targets by Over 100%

Jeremy Mason, Director of Demand Generation, SCI Solutions

In this full session from MarketingSherpa Summit 2016, Jeremy Mason, Director of Demand Generation, SCI Solutions, discusses how to craft emails effectively in order to drive demand.

Using immediately relevant emails comes with a few questions — how deep should you segment? How do you figure out the right message to send to each segment?

Mason discusses the bold email strategy his team leveraged to generate 180% lead goal attainment by early Q3 and to ultimately exceed lead targets by 100%. He will cover how he and his team redefined their primary buyer personas and launched a triggered email nurturing program based on prospect depth, role, readiness and behavior.

Whether you are B2B or B2C, this session will illustrate how to effectively:

  • Build and segment prospect profiles from personas
  • Launch a triggered email program that actually converts potential customers
  • Leverage behavioral marketing scenarios to go beyond “drips”

“Agile marketing — that’s the key. At every stop point, small batch, learn what you can … Internal intuition is absolutely worthless in the presence of data,” Mason said.

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