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A/B Testing: Optimizing calls-to-action for maximum conversions

Michael Aagaard,

"As human beings, we really like the cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all, 'here are the three golden rules, it always works' solutions. I don't care for best practices, I care for conversions. That’s why I test. Best practice is more of you’re doing what everyone else is doing."

Michael Aagaard, Copywriter,, presented, "How to Optimize and Test: Calls-to action for maximum conversions," at MarketingSherpa Email Summit 2013. In his session, Aagaard discussed the importance of calls-to-action in a conversion funnel, examples of positive and negative results from his optimization efforts, and ideas for any marketer to test and improve their CTAs.

According to Aagarrd, CTAs represent a tipping point between a bounce and a conversion.

"Every time you ask someone something online, they have to go through a call-to-action to be able to do it," Aagaard said.

In this Email Summit 2013 session replay, you will learn:

  • The two elements CTAs consist of — design and copy — and how these elements are interrelated

  • How changing one CTA reading "your" to "my" increased conversions 90% in trial sign-ups in one experiment

  • How CTA placement is also a major factor in conversion rate, depending on the complexity of the product or service

  • And much more

Download the slides to this presentation



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