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The WOW! Computer: How firstSTREET applied a radical redesign to deliver a 500% sales increase

Meghan Lockwood, MECLABS, and Steve Parker, firstSTREET

Parker presented a case study on a landing page for a new product. The old landing page replicated similar pages on a subpar website, and testing various elements of the page produced small, incremental results — some successful and others producing only a learning. But, the landing page was performing very poorly overall on conversion metrics.

After a radical redesign that changed the entire look, feel and thought process on the landing page, the new treatment produced a radical lift over the original control page that had undergone the previous, incremental page.

After continued testing and optimization on the treatment, Parker ended up with a 500% increase in sales from the new product's radically redesigned landing page.

(Download the slides to this presentation)

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