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How Humana's Strategic Testing Drove a 60% Increase in Customer Engagement

Mike Loveridge, Head of Digital Conversion Optimization, Humana

It almost goes without saying in today's marketing world, but it is absolutely vital to test at every possible step of the way. 

In this spirit, Mike Loveridge, Head of Digital Conversion Optimization, Humana, and his team leveraged iterative testing and captured big gains.

"[Testing radical redesign] is impractical," he said. "Testing complete new versus complete old was a nightmare."

Instead, Humana starting testing iteratively, with an end goal of testing the former old funnel versus the complete new funnel, optimized step-by-step, to see if sum of the parts equals the whole. Loveridge referred to this as Humana's "Super Test" strategy.

During his full presentation at MarketingSherpa Summit 2016, Loveridge walked us through several of these iterative tests — the first of which was a banner redesign.

Test: Banner redesign

For this banner test — which Mike jokingly referred to as "Winter grandma" versus "Summer Clint Eastwood lookalike" — the team at Humana wanted to test whether the messaging used on the rotating banner of its homepage was too complex for customers.

"You really have to simplify when you only have six seconds," Loveridge said.

In addition to the change in imagery, the headline was better tailored to users' position in the customer journey (upper funnel), the copy was simplified, and the CTA was given more visual punch.

The result?

A 433% increase in clickthrough into Humana's marketing funnel. By serving customers with what they want, when they need it, in an accessible way, banner performance skyrocketed.

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