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How a Long-term Optimization Strategy Led to a 6,031% Increase in Leads

James Coulter, Sophos

"The ultimate question I wanted to answer was, "Where can I have the greatest impact on revenue?'" said James Coulter, Marketing Optimization Specialist, Sophos, from the stage at Optimization Summit 2013.

Coulter sought small, yet impactful, changes that would change the way that customers thought about the site as they filled out forms. He recruited his team to tailor best practices for Web optimization for the small B2B IT security company's site.

In this Summit video replay, you will learn how Coulter:
  • Incorporated negative customer feedback to create a new customer experience

  • Joined forces with Sales and Project Management to understand the audience and gain buy-in for a regular testing program

  • Used negative lifts to build awareness of customer thought processes and anxiety throughout the funnel

Download the slides to this presentation

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