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Lead Qualification: How demographics, email content and behavior helped Adobe boost conversions 500%

Shelby Britton, Adobe, and Daniel Burstein, MECLABS

At Lead Gen Summit 2013, Shelby Britton, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Adobe, sat down with Daniel Burstein, Director of Editorial Content, MECLABS, and discussed how Adobe used webinars to put the company on the path to the evolution of lead qualification.

Britton revamped Adobe's webinar strategy, which was originally a one-off strategy with no particular timing, connection or individual promotion plans, to tailoring webinars and the surrounding content, to qualify leads and understand where leads were in the buying process.

Britton also tailored webinar titles and emails to be more relevant to the prospect.

By creating a more significant and valuable webinar experience, Adobe saw a 75% in open rates and 120% increase in clickthroughs.

But, Britton didn't stop there. Using the data gathered on what webinars leads were taking part of, the team was able to more effectively score leads and improve the information sent to Sales. The results of this effort: 500% conversion rate increase.

Watch this Lead Gen Summit session replay to hear more about Britton's top three takeaways to transform the way your organization looks at lead qualification:

  • Understand your buyers and their buying cycle

  • Don't forget content and behavior in qualification

  • Make Sales your partner for success

Download the slides to this presentation

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