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Lead Capture: How a health care company increased demand for services 300%

Jon Ciampi, CRC Health, and Daniel Burstein, MECLABS

When "everybody in your company thinks they're a marketer," how do you prove them wrong?

For Jon Ciampi, Vice President of Marketing, Corporate Development, Business Development and Strategic Accounts, CRC Health, the answer was clear: "Performance always trumps argument."

At MarketingSherpa Lead Gen Summit 2013, Ciampi expressed the importance of testing every element in your sales funnel to optimize the process for your customers and save money, time and resources for your marketing team.

In the health care field, he had to earn the attention of people looking to care and provide for their loved ones.

"They probably tried everything," he said. "When you call us, you're at the end."

In such an important field, sensitivity and understanding your customer and their mindset is vital.

Ciampi said, "If we don't have empathy for our customer, we're losing them."

Customers of CRC Health's include family members looking for a safe haven for loved ones.

"How can I communicate that you can trust us with their life?" Ciampi asked as he reflected on the overhaul of his PPC campaign.

The team was bidding on more than 3,000 words, many of which proved to be a waste of resources. They had to filter through and find out what motivated his customers. What were they searching for? How could Ciampi and his team start a conversation with them?

Despite what others within the company insisted, through testing and analytics, Ciampi and his team prevailed with a marketing strategy that would best serve customers and capture leads at the top of the funnel.

In this session, you will learn how Ciampi and his team:

  • Decided how to allocate resources in their PPC campaign

  • Used psychology to understand customer motivation

  • Tested email sends to find the company's value proposition

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