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Email Marketing: Jose Palomino with five critical questions every value proposition must answer

Jose Palomino, Founder and CEO, Value Prop Interactive

Marketers have to anticipate customers' needs and questions, but at no point is that more critical than when presenting your value proposition.

"When you’re mounting a campaign, just telling people what is the singular distinctive about your product or service is a good place to start," he said.

That gets people engaged or interested he said, but they still have critical questions.

He added, "You have to anticipate … what are the questions they’re going to have?"

The way to anticipate customer questions is to get into their heads, he said. Testing is an incredibly valid way to learn more about your customers, but "it goes even deeper than that. What is motivating them? What is causing them to be fearful — what are they afraid of?"

Even things offered for free, like a discount or other incentive, can trigger a pause of fear before customers can say yes, he said. Customers will wonder where the strings are, what you’re asking them for.

The five questions Palomino will take you through, in order to strengthen your value proposition and ease customer fears, are:

  1. Who are you?

  2. Why should I deal with you?

  3. How will your offering affect us financially?

  4. How will we manage and absorb your offering?

  5. How does your offering compare to alternatives?

"The key is converting these five doubts into five certainties," he said.

Marketers need to address those five questions with their value proposition to turn, "Who are you?” into "I see that you are fundamentally aligned with my/our best interests."

"Those red lights turning into green lights is what this is all about," Palomino said. "You get them to that one yard line, but you’ve got to get them over."



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